Early Metal Detecting

A French electrical engineer invented the first metal detector in 1874. It was hand-held device used to locate and separate bullets and other metal objects from human patients. Alexander Graham Bell used an early coil & pick-up in an attempt to locate the fatal bullet inside President Garfield's body.

Early 1900's metal detector for use in locating land mines during WW2.

My Metal Detecting Rig

How to Clean a Coin

I've been asked many times "how do you clean your coins"? So this past winter I recorded this video to demonstrate my technique. Every coin is different and in this case the large cent that I'm working on was in very poor condition, so I'm really goin at it. Take care at first to use a soft touch.  The goal is to remove the build-up while preserving the natural surface patina. I hope this is helpful, let me know!

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